The Distillery: Whiskey News for Whiskey Lovers

9 Sep

At Gamlin Whiskey House, we like to think we know whiskey. With more than 250 bottles of the stuff on hand, we’re definitely more experienced than most when it comes to talking about (and tasting!) the spirit. But keeping up with the latest and greatest news about this ever-evolving business can seem like a daunting task. Enter: The Distillery. Each month we’ll compile the industry’s most interesting stories for your reading pleasure.

We invite you to follow us on this exciting journey. Heck, along the way you might just learn a thing or two about whiskey!

Did you know that September has been deemed National Bourbon Heritage Month? The Whisky Wash delves into the history of this very noble distinction (one we’ll definitely be celebrating!) and offers up a number of facts about our native spirit and the booming bourbon business.

We’ve been seeing a lot of stories this year about a possible “bourbon shortage” — the horror! Once we calmed ourselves enough to keep reading, however, we stumbled upon a second set of stories claiming that such a shortage is just industry hype. (Phew!) Instead, others insist, the real problem is that, with so much new bourbon production, we could be running out of barrels to age it in. The Riverfront Times explores how bourbon-barrel shortages are affecting local distillers.

Speaking of barrels: The Whisky Advocate published an interesting piece earlier this summer — OK, interesting if you’re a whiskey nerd like us — about how innovative distilleries are thinking beyond the oak barrel when it comes time to age their spirits.

Here’s something we’re excited to see: A Lexington, Kentucky, based crew is developing “Neat: The Story of Bourbon,” a new documentary due out in 2016. You can watch the trailer here.

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