Opening the Gamlin Whiskey Vault

23 Feb

Raymond Chandler once said: “There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.” While the jury’s still out on that one — we’ve tasted quite a few, but not all of them (yet!) — we at Gamlin Whiskey House would like to take an opportunity to introduce you to a collection of whiskeys that aren’t just good — they’re great.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll be rolling out a series of rare whiskeys, including several from Sazerac’s Antique Collection. Quantities are limited, so be sure to make your way over to the bar before we run out!

Up first? The William Larue Weller (Feb. 23), an award-winning hand-bottled bourbon made with wheat instead of the traditional rye. Distiller’s tasting notes: Fragrant scents of caramel corn, new leather, plums, light toffee and pipe tobacco. The palate tastes of marshmallow, salted almonds, nougat, figs and dates. This whiskey finishes smooth, composed and flavorfully sweet.

Our next release will be the Thomas H. Handy Sazerac (March 2). This authentic American rye whiskey is uncut, unfiltered and full of rich flavors. Distiller’s tasting notes: Powerful, lush and boldly spicy. Flavors of toffee, fig cake and candied fruit, followed by mint, cinnamon and clove. The finish ultimately reveals subtle notes of allspice, coconut and nutmeg. Long and warm.

Looking for a well-aged whiskey with a long finish? You’ll find that in our third release, the Eagle Rare 17 (March 9). Distiller’s tasting notes: The fragrant aroma has an almost wine-like character with hints of almond, cigar boxes and cinnamon. The delicate and dry mid-palate tastes of leather, vanilla and tobacco. This bourbon lingers, finishing with a hint of leather and toffee.

Next, let us introduce you to the George T. Stagg (March 16), an extremely hearty small-batch bourbon with rich and intensely powerful flavors. Distiller’s tasting notes: Lush toffee sweetness and dark chocolate with hints of vanilla, fudge, nougat and molasses. Underlying notes of dates, tobacco, dark berries, spearmint and a hint of coffee round out the palate.

We’ll end our exploration of the Antique Collection with the Sazerac Rye 18 (March 23). This straight rye was named 2014’s American Whiskey of the Year, and with its intense but melodic mix of sweet and spice, we can see why. Distiller’s tasting notes: Very mature, with notes of oak, leather molasses and allspice. The long, warm finish is preceded by notes of mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, vanilla and lingering pepper.

Our final release from the whiskey vault is the Pappy 12 (March 30). This elegant whiskey has been described as “a perfect combination of age and proof.” Distiller’s tasting notes: Highlighted by light aromas of dried mango, cocoa, fruit and spiced peach. Flavors of honey, oak and tobacco dance on the pallet. The finish is balanced and dry, with a lingering tingle.

Come join us for a taste of the good great life at Gamlin Whiskey House. Our rare whiskey series has something to please everyone — but just remember, when they’re gone, they’re gone.