Celebrate National Bourbon Day at Gamlin Whiskey House

12 Jun

National Bourbon Day is Thursday, June 14, but every day is a celebration of bourbon at Gamlin Whiskey House!

With more than 300 constantly changing varieties of whiskey, many of which are bourbons, the leadership team is always on the lookout for rare finds and new trends for guests.

“We continue to see a rise in the popularity of bourbon, especially those in our single barrel collection,” owner Derek Gamlin says. “Guests want to try something unique when they visit and our single barrel bourbons can only be found here at Gamlin Whiskey House.”

Since opening in 2013, Gamlin Whiskey House has sold nearly 30 single barrels of bourbon and has become THE fastest seller of Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon in the country, having sold 21 barrels of the spirit. A barrel of whiskey typically results in approximately 300 bottles.

“Our Knob Creek Single Barrel is definitely one of our most popular bourbons,” Gamlin says. “Just looking at the numbers we have served more than 70,000 Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon cocktails since we opened.

“On National Bourbon Day we encourage St. Louisans to come into Gamlin Whiskey House, chat with one of our great team members, and find a new bourbon to try or enjoy an old favorite. As we always say, ‘There isn’t anyone who doesn’t like whiskey, just people who haven’t yet discovered which whiskey they like.'”

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