Gamlin Whiskey House Now Offering 5 New Hand-Selected Barrels of Whiskey

3 Feb

In less than two years, Gamlin Whiskey House sold 10 barrels of its signature single barrel Knob Creek Bourbon, making them one of the fastest sellers of the spirit. Based on this success, they’ve expanded their collection of hand-selected whiskeys to include four new options, which include

  •     Angel’s Envy Signature Blend Bourbon ($55 per bottle)
  •     Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon ($60 per bottle)
  •     Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon ($35 per bottle)
  •     Russell’s Reserve 10-Year Single Barrel Bourbon ($50 per bottle)

Each of these, along with the 12th edition of signature single barrel Knob Creek ($45 per bottle), are now available exclusively at Gamlin Whiskey House.

“The expansion of our selection of hand-selected whiskeys is a great way for us to provide our guests with an experience they can’t find anywhere else,” says co-owner Lucas Gamlin. “When we choose these spirits we always think about our guests and what they would enjoy. We can’t wait to share these new selections.”

Lucas and his brother Derek Gamlin, along with corporate bar manager Dustin Parres, are responsible for the single barrel and signature blend selections.

“The process for the selection of each barrel is different. For example, a single barrel of Buffalo Trace is a rarity, while Blanton’s is only offered in a single barrel. Both processes bring out unique qualities in the whiskeys. Then, we have the Angel’s Envy, which is a blend of three different single barrel whiskeys created just for Gamlin Whiskey House,” Parres says.