Gamlin Whiskey House First To Offer 2015 High West Bourye

17 Mar

high west bouryeWe’re having so much fun opening the Gamlin Whiskey Vault to you guys, so this week we’ve decided to release not one, but TWO, rare finds!

The 2015 release of High West Bourye is a unique blend of nine-year-old bourbon and 10- and 16-year-old rye whiskeys, and we have it — weeks before it’s available anywhere else.

“The High West Bourye is a unique blend of bourbon and rye that is best served straight, or with a sip of water,” says Gamlin Whiskey House owner Derek Gamlin. “With a taste of bourbon at the start, and a high rye finish, it is a fantastic blend of flavors.”

High West Distillery, which crafts small-batch spirits  with quality ingredients and a personal touch — all at 7,000 feet in Utah’s Wasatch Range — was named “Whiskey Pioneer of the Year” by Whiskey Advocate in 2011. The award-winning distillery and several of its whiskeys, including the Bourye, were featured during a dinner and tasting event at Gamlin Whiskey House earlier this month.

(Did you attend our High West dinner? Be sure to check out photos from the event!)