Bourbon Heritage Month: Single Barrel Bourbons

13 Sep

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month! We invite you to raise a glass of your favorite bourbon with us at Gamlin Whiskey House in St. Louis’ Central West End.

Looking for something new to try? Why not reach for one of our Gamlin Whiskey House single barrel bourbons. In the video below, bar manager Dustin Parres explains what makes these spirits so uniquely enjoyable.

Gamlin Whiskey House is one of the fastest sellers of Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon in the nation, and is currently on barrel 22 in just 5 short years. Bourbon lovers will also find single barrels from Buffalo Trace, Maker’s Mark Private Select and others.

“We love picking out single barrels at Gamlin Whiskey House,” Parres says, adding that the selection process usually includes a trip to a distillery’s rickhouse and an opportunity to taste through a selection of barrels. The team then discusses the merits of each barrel before making their pick. Their main goal?

“We look for something fun and unique, that our Gamlin Whiskey House guests will be excited about,” Parres says. “That’s what we’re here to do, is to keep you guys excited about whiskey.”

Parres says that when it comes to Knob Creek Single Barrels, he also wants to make sure the hand-selected spirit will make a good Manhattan — the bar’s best selling cocktail.

In celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month, Gamlin Whiskey House is selling three custom bottle packs featuring some of our favorite bourbons, as well as a cocktail kit with everything you need to make a GWH Manhattan at home (pictured below). Ask your bartender about this retail offer.

  • Enjoy the big, bold flavors of our GWH Knob Creek Single Barrel and High West American Prairie ($80).
  • Prefer something spicier? Try Old Grand-Dad Bonded and Defiance High-Rye Bourbon ($55).
  • Transport yourself to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with bottles of Knob Creek Single Barrel and Buffalo Trace ($65).
  • In the mood for a cocktail? Get everything you need to make our ever-popular GWH Manhattans at home, including Knob Creek Single Barrel, angostura bitters, Carpano vermouth and a jar of Luxardo cherries ($85).

Still want more bourbon? Check out our upcoming GRG Bar Crawl through the Central West End (Sept. 23), featuring drink specials from Wild Turkey, Jim Beam Black and Rebel Yell Bourbon, as well as Glenmorangie.

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